Pakal The Last Mayan Angel


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ISBN: 9789708130585
AUTOR: Guzmán Garcia MD, Miguel Ángel


AUTOR: Guzmán Garcia MD, Miguel Ángel

Archaelogical research and Reading Maya writing, point out the importance and greatness of the religious and political carácter, which was placed inside the tomb monolithic richly dressed and covered his face with a jade mosaic mask and a large quantity of values such as gift; this person was identified and know as Pakal. This book is the result of 27 year of research and interpretation by Dr. Miguel Ángel Guzmán García MD, medics, academics and researchers from great knowledge, whit major contributions to medical science, allopathic, homeopathic and traditional, East as Western and specially; as it relates to our ancestors in Mexico. Overall enjoyed the full text of a number of explanations and teachings of harmony and positive and negative energy of nature and the universo in general. Finally, the autor knows well the meaning and attributes of the Mayan Gods, interpretating and discovering the importance of each one, according to research of specialists, in the caves and everything related to the phenomena of nature, including flora and fauna.

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